REED Adapter | Attachment for Vinyl Siding Installation

The REED adapter is a US patented, precision-engineered attachment that converts a standard roofing gun into an innovative nail gun designed for installing vinyl siding. The REED adapter cuts out the effort of hand nailing siding, while saving you time on professional and DIY siding jobs.

You shouldn’t have to waste any more time installing siding by hand! With the REED adapter, installation is less painful (no smashed fingers), hassle-free, and more than 4x faster than traditional methods. After using the REED adapter to install vinyl siding, you can then fine tune your skills and learn to use the adapter to install soffit and shake siding.

The REED adapter was patented and designed to expand the capability of the Best-In-Class *Bostitch® RN46-1 roofing gun. Using a compressor air gun system combined with the placement of the REED adapter on the *Bostitch® RN46-1, the gun is able to ride the lip of the siding, and line directly up with the hole for precision shots. The REED adapter keeps work fast paced, steady, and repeatable.

Durably engineered from zinc coated, hardened steel, the REED adapter holds up through the toughest conditions and job challenges. The REED adapter lets you install vinyl siding with extra reinforcement, and spaces the nails perfectly to allow the siding to expand, and WON’T CAUSE BUCKLING OR SEPARATION OVER TIME.

The REED adapter lets you accomplish more in a fraction of the time it takes hand nailing.  You will increase your production results, while saving yourself hours of labor! If for some reason you are unsatisfied, you’re covered by our 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.  LOVING YOUR REED ADAPTER? The REED adapter comes with a Worry-Free, 6 month Warranty!

*Bostich® is a registered trademark of Stanley Logistics, LLC. This product has no affiliation with, and is no way endorsed by Bostich®, or Stanley Logistics, LLC.